Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Party In A Box

Great ideas come to me while I'm driving and that's how the "Party In A Box" idea came to be for my friend Blair.

You see she's been working on acquiring her hours to be a counselor and tomorrow she will finally hit her coveted required number and will officially be a licensed counselor.  How many hours would you guess one has to log to earn this title?  500?  975?  1027.5?  2501?

Well you're all wrong!  It's 3 freaking thousand hours!  Let me repeat myself...three what the what thousand hours!  I don't even know how long it has taken her to complete this task, but alas tomorrow afternoon she will have her three thousandth hour and will log another hour never.ever.again.  Amen.

So of course my brain jumps to how she is going to celebrate so that this isn't one of those anti-climactic moments.  Enter "Party In A Box!"

The girls and I dropped it off tonight on her porch and being the lover of surprises I am we opted not to knock, but just leave the gift.  However, her pup decided to lose her mind and blew our cover only for us to be found out as we were backing out of the driveway.  All was well when hugs were given and Junie B. proudly showed off the picture she drew Miss Blair.

Want to know how you too can make your own Party In A Box?  Just follow these easy step by step instructions.

1.  Stay up late the night before googling "celebrate" songs and make a mixed tape cd consisting of such gems as "Walking on Sunshine," "Zippidy Doo Dah," "Taking Care of Business," and my all time favorite, "All I Do Is Win!"
2.  Text your friend's best friend's husband (did you get that?) to ask for his wife's number.  Once he responds, text your friend's best friend to find out her favorite snacks.
3.  Quickly run into your nearest grocery store to purchase said snacks.
4.  Run into Party City to find party supplies.  Purchase supplies then make a scene just before getting outside by reprimanding your foster daughter for attempting to thieve a Warhead from the store.
5.  Wrap old shoe box and fill with celebration goodies in between your play therapy appointments while also simultaneously ignoring a meltdown by Princess Whiny Pants because she can't sound out the word 'sit'.
6. Deliver to friend.  Surprising is optional.

There you go...Operation Party In A Box was successful!