Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Regret?...I think NOT!

Last night for dinner the usual here in DC happened…indecision. 

Michelle and Daniel spent a good 30-45 minutes researching fun restaurants and places to go that I hadn’t been before and the whole time I’m sitting on the couch reading and praying that they don’t ask me what I want to do!

I’m watching this whole thing take place and thinking to myself that I know exactly how this is going to end.  They will continue to throw out ideas and never come to a decision…one or both of them will get frustrated because they’re hungry and no decision is being made…someone will finally make a decision and everyone agree even though it is clear no one is super excited about the choice that is made…and in the end while walking to the car or riding in the car a last minute option will be thrown out that magically makes both Michelle and Daniel as excited as little kids at Christmas.

So in true DeSalvo fashion they finally agree on a cool restaurant and then afterwards we can walk around Georgetown area a little.  Everyone puts coats on and kinda drag their feet as they head to the door when this happens…

Michelle: “Why don’t we just go to Uncle Julio’s!”
Daniel: “Ooh that’s great!  Then we can go to Barnes & Noble afterwards!”
**Now imagine the biggest smile on Michelle’s face and a little more bounce in her step as we leave the apartment**

You see Michelle thinks that if every night she doesn’t have something super cool for me to do here then I will think that I will have wasted a trip and will regret even coming!  I tried to tell her that I continually keep coming back to this city and it has nothing to do with the cool things that I’ve done or places I’ve eaten. 

Then as we’re driving to Uncle Julio’s we pass several places and I start talking about when I’ve been to those places and impress them as I talk about how I know exactly where I’m at and how to get to certain places in DC.  Come to find out I know a lot more about this town and have been to most of all their favorite “cool” places in the past than Michelle originally thought!

The ONLY reason I come is for her and Daniel!  Michelle…do you hear me?  If I came and spent a week and did nothing but hang around the apartment with you in pj’s it would still be one of the best trips and would even still make the blog!

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