Sunday, November 7, 2010

Still Kickin It

So we’ve been in the Rakai area of Uganda for the past week working with the World Vision staff in the village that our church has adopted.  So many great things to say about this part of the trip and this organization…but its past midnight here and I’m super tired!

Today we came back to Kampala and are staying at a super nice hotel compared to the mouse infested place we were just at.  Tonight we had a hot shower…in a stand up shower with a door…had our laundry done for half off on the DL by the hotel staff…ate an amazing meal with beef and French fries…have free internet…and are going to sleep with air conditioning!  It’s the simple things in life!

Tomorrow we are going to devotions at the World Vision office, then to a craft market for a little shopping, and then they are driving us out to Mityana.  This is where the family from our church lives.  We’ll be staying with them for the rest of the week.  Looking forward to a more laid back kind of day!

Here is another quick recap…

1. We continue to have dance parties in the car rides.  Imagine 10 American and Ugandan people piled into a Land Rover singing and dancing to “Party In The USA”  which we renamed as “Party In The UGA” and to “Single Ladies” numerous times throughout the day!

2. I met my Aida, the little girl that I sponsor through World Vision, today.  She is the most beautiful and sweetest thing ever.  She was super shy and would only speak in a whisper around me, but she livened up by the end. I got an adorable video of her singing and dancing to “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” too.  I gave her the backpack full of goodies that I brought for her.  At the last minute I threw in a little baby doll for her and she was so excited about that.  She wouldn’t let go of it and just kept smiling at it…too stinkin’ cute!

3. We had some hard moments the other day when we visited  some child-headed homes.  This is where the parents have both died and the children are living on their own.  The community and nearby family members help out.  That was still really hard to see.

4. I’ve fallen in love with all the Ugandan World Vision staff here.  They are the most amazing and hilarious people!

5. We got to Skype tonight with our roommate Kate and that was such a treat!

6. I’ve tried several new foods and enjoyed almost all of them and neither Cobb or I have gotten sick yet.  Other than the other morning that I puked but I think that was because of my malaria medicine.

7.  I’m getting more and more excited about helping at this orphanage in a week!!!  Please pray for the logistics of getting me to the area where it is and back to the airport at the end of my time.

8.  Pray for both Cobb and I as we wrestle with the things that we’ve seen here and how the Lord wants us to respond next.

9.  The month of November is a tough one now for me because of what we went through with Dad in 2008.  I’ve had my moments of tears the past couple of days.  But for the first time I’ve had some moments of rejoicing too.  We were driving the other day and I was looking out at the beautiful country and thought, “For the first time my dad gets to see me do this!  And for the first time he gets to watch me without fear!”  Then today we went to church and there was the most amazing praise and worship.  All in another language, lots of hand raising and dancing, smiles galore, and just joyful worship.  I began to cry as I thought, “This is what my dad gets to do all day every day now!”  What a gift from the Lord to have tough sad moments about dad couple with rejoicing moments as well.  “Taste and see that the Lord is good!”

Alright I think that’s it!  We have to get up early and I want to enjoy this air conditioned/no mosquito night sleep for as long as I can!

Love you all!

We're supposed to have more internet this coming week so hopefully there will more blog updates!  Also that will mean I can upload pictures to Facebook soon too...there are some really good ones!  

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  1. Carol and I just got home from the cities and I could hardly wait to see if you were able to post anything. We met up with Debby Smith and Marcia McCormick and attended the Festival of Haiti. Had a great evening, great to be together again and hopefully raised enough money to put up the school in Luly. I found a little boy 3 years old to sponsor in Luly so hopefully when I go back I will be able to meet up with him as well. I pray that you are blest beyond your wildest dreams during this month. The Lord is good Christy. Take care of yourself. Deb Bortnem