Friday, November 25, 2011

Best Week EVER

I’m sure I probably say that a lot, but this week was the most recent time that statement was made true in my life.

I got the whole week off from school for the Thanksgiving holiday (thank you Jesus!) and decided the best way to spend it would be in Dallas.  Ever since Dad passed away at Thanksgiving this holiday isn’t so much on my favorite list anymore.  Plus I just tend to remember him better when I’m not in Pasadena.  So while I dodged a lot of strange looks when telling people I would be going away from my family for the holiday, I knew it was the right thing for me.

Every day was jam packed full of friends and catching up…just how I like it! 

Sunday: Church. Lunch with Dallas parents, Eddie and Susan, and Cobb. Lovebug’s 3rd birthday party. Dinner, chatting, and lounging with my 1st grade girls.

Monday: Coffee date with my old principal and friend Rachel and her precious 6 week old son, Tate. Lunch and overseas researching with Amy.  Quick visit with Mindy and this cutie:

Dinner and Big Love marathon with my wife, Cobb. Laughing and goofing off with Kate and her new beau, Sully.

Tuesday: Got my oil changed.  Visited with Kate.  Lunch with Kate and Cobb.  Christmas shopping. Dinner with the Heights gang.  Twilight movie with these lovely ladies:  (And yes we’re all wearing matching jackets because that’s how we like it!)

Visiting until past 1am with Kathryn and Steve.

Wednesday:  Got my fingerprints done.  Lunch with E and these three loves of my life:

1st Thanksgiving dinner with Rachel and her in-laws.  Late night visit with my Kaley J and Ashton.

Thursday:  Overslept.  2nd Thanksgiving lunch with the Crawfords over at Andrew’s parent’s house.  Baking.  Movie with Kaley J.

Friday:  Chick Fil A breakfast.  Packing.  Phone call with Michelle and Daniel.  3rd Thanksgiving lunch with the Crawfords and Jodi’s side of the family.  Long drive home to Houston.  Wal-Mart run with mom and Bubba.  Movie with mom.

Even with all that…I still didn’t get to see everyone!  It’s a good thing in just 3 weeks I’ll be back for another week at Christmas time.

I’m so thankful for my time up there and to be surrounded with the people who know me and love me and know how to really love me well during this week.

Tomorrow marks three years and it is still just as surreal as it was in 2008!

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